Vaginal Revitalization

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Revitalization services offered in Cary, NC

Up to 50% of women aged 50 and older experience mild urinary stress incontinence. If you regularly have accidents or worry about making it to the bathroom, consider vaginal revitalization. At Generations Family Practice Wellness Center, laser treatment specialist Laurie Glodowski and the team provide vaginal revitalization with the Fotona laser. The treatment, called IncontiLase®, is noninvasive and provides lasting results. To make an appointment, call the office in Cary, North Carolina, or book online today.

Vaginal Revitalization Q&A

What is vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization is an outpatient procedure that uses targeted light energy to tighten your vaginal tissues. 

Factors like pregnancy, childbirth, and the natural aging process can affect the strength and function of your pelvic floor. If your pelvic muscles don’t function normally, you might experience involuntary urine leakage, a frequent urge to urinate, or pelvic pain. Vaginal revitalization provides a safe, effective, and noninvasive way to address these and other issues.

How does vaginal revitalization work?

At Generations Family Practice Wellness Center, before recommending vaginal revitalization, your provider reviews your medical records and asks about your symptoms, including when they started, if they occur alongside other symptoms, like pelvic pain, and if anything exacerbates them, like drinking alcohol. Next, your provider conducts a physical exam.

If your provider determines that you have a weak pelvic floor, they move forward with treatment.

During vaginal revitalization, your provider uses a Fotona non-ablative photo-thermal laser to strengthen your pelvic floor. The device emits laser energy in mild pulses, heating up your vaginal tissues. That heat increases circulation to the area, tightening your skin and shrinking the urethral opening.

How do I prepare for vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization doesn’t require any special preparation. On the day of your appointment, wear clothing that’s loose-fitting and comfortable. Treatment doesn’t require anesthesia, so you can drive yourself home afterward.

How many vaginal revitalization treatments do I need?

The number of vaginal revitalization treatments you need depends on several factors, including your age, the severity of your symptoms, and their effect on your quality of life. Usually, the team at Generations Family Practice Wellness Center recommends at least two treatment sessions spaced several weeks apart.

Is vaginal revitalization safe?

Vaginal revitalization is safe and usually well-tolerated. Treatment is entirely noninvasive, so you don’t have to worry about sutures, stitches, or bleeding. 

You might experience mild sensitivity or redness for a day or two, but these symptoms should subside quickly. If they worsen or persist, contact your provider immediately. There’s no downtime, so you can return to work and other activities right away.

To see if you can benefit from vaginal revitalization, make an appointment at Generations Family Practice Wellness Center by calling the office or booking online today.