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Naturally full, shapely lips are associated with youthful beauty. However, insufficient collagen in the skin can cause your lips to lack volume and appear thin. If you wish to enhance your lips and improve your appearance, our health and wellness experts at Generations Family Practice Wellness Center in Cary, NC can give you stunning results with LipLase treatments. This cosmetic solution can help you achieve naturally fuller and shapely lips without the use of needles or injections.

Get Fuller and Shapely Lips With LipLase

LipLase is a non-invasive treatment that enhances your lip volume by stimulating the skin’s collagen production. During the treatment, laser energy is directed to your inner lips, outer lips, and the surrounding skin. You can achieve subtle, natural-looking results, such as a well-defined cupid’s bow, increased lip volume, and a well-rounded, defined lip shape.

With LipLase, you can achieve significant results without the use of needles, stitches, or any synthetic substances. This treatment is perfect if you’re looking for amazing results with no extended downtime and side effects.

An Alternative to Lip Fillers

Our laser treatments are non-invasive and do not cause bruising or bleeding. This benefit makes them the perfect alternative to cosmetic injectables and lip fillers. You don’t need to worry about injected substances breaking down over time.

LipLase naturally plumps your lips using laser energy that encourages your body to produce and remodel collagen. The results are long-lasting and expected to improve gradually over four to six months.

What You Can Expect From LipLase Treatment Sessions

Intensive Treatments

Laser lip treatments target both the tissues inside your mouth and the outer area of your lips. We use Fotona’s gentle laser system to transmit short pulses of energy. As the laser targets the deeper layers of the skin, new collagen production is stimulated, resulting in plumper and fuller lips.

No Needles and Stitches

The beauty about laser treatments is that there are no needles and stitches involved, giving you a positive, comfortable experience. Our LipLase treatments are gentle and non-ablative, and they do not cause bruising or other unwanted side effects. And because the treatment has no downtime or an extended recovery period, you can enjoy the results of your treatment and resume your daily routine right away.

Quick, Painless, and Convenient

Laser lip treatment sessions take less than 30 minutes to perform. There’s no need for anesthesia or local numbing agents because the treatment is virtually painless. You’ll only feel gentle, minimal warm sensations caused by the laser energy targeting your lips.

How Many Treatment Sessions Are Needed?

Multiple treatments are required to achieve full and visibly plump lips. We recommend six weekly treatments for the best results, and you may undergo at least one treatment every few months to maintain your results.

Regularly scheduled laser treatments will ensure the continued fullness of your lips by maintaining optimum collagen levels in the skin. With LipLase, we can also help you prevent sagging and thinning of the lips due to age.

When Will You See the Results?

Your results will appear gradually because laser treatments work by stimulating natural collagen production. Nevertheless, you can expect subtle improvements in the first few weeks after your treatment. With additional treatment sessions, your results will become more evident and noticeable.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for the Treatment?

You Have Naturally Thin Lips

If you are anxious about getting cosmetic injectables such as lip fillers, laser lip treatment may be perfect for you. The boost in collagen due to the treatment can help you achieve fuller, shapely lips, with a natural appearance.

Additionally, those with aged and saggy lips will benefit the most from the treatment. Laser treatments can enhance the definition of the upper lip border and minimize fine lines around the mouth.

You’re Looking for Natural Solutions

Injectable treatments involve synthetic substances that may not give you the natural results you expect. By relying on non-invasive treatments such as LipLase, you can achieve fuller, smoother lips. The results are completely natural because the collagen in your lips is responsible for the plumping effect.

You Have Realistic Expectations

Shapely lips symbolize youth and attractiveness. If you have realistic expectations about what the perfect lip volume and shape should look like, we can help you get closer to your cosmetic goals. Our laser lip treatments can increase your lips’ fullness, improve the balance between your upper and lower lips, and improve the definition of your lip borders.

Your natural lip size is defined by genetics and the presence of collagen in your skin. A consultation with our team will help you determine whether this treatment can achieve the results you expect.

Your Lips Have Changed Due to Age

Have your lips become thinner over the years? Age and genetics can decrease the plumpness and volume of your lips. To restore your youthful beauty, we can use laser treatments to enhance your lip shape and definition. You’ll also love the treatment’s ability to improve the firmness of your skin and minimize its rough and wrinkled appearance.

The Perfect Way To Enhance Your Lips

If you’re not born with full, shapely lips, or if you’re noticing thinner lips due to aging, our laser treatments can boost your smile. At Generations Family Practice Wellness Center in Cary, NC, we want you to feel happy, healthy, and pleased with your looks. With laser treatment, our experts can help you achieve plump, shapely lips that can make you feel more confident and attractive.