What Are the Best Areas To Treat With Botox?

Jan 24, 2022

What Are the Best Areas To Treat With Botox?

Botox is a wrinkle-reducer that is highly versatile, giving superb results when used to treat a variety of fine lines. Not all treatments are approved to treat all wrinkles, but this one can smooth almost any place where wrinkles show.

Botox is a wrinkle-reducer that is highly versatile, giving superb results when used to treat a variety of fine lines. Not all treatments are approved to treat all wrinkles, but this one can smooth almost any place where wrinkles show. At Generations Family Practice Wellness Center in Cary, NC, we highly recommend this treatment, especially for the most dynamic areas of the face.

Botox is a mild form of botulinum toxin, a neuromodulator that has numerous medical and cosmetic abilities. When used cosmetically, it is primarily intended to improve fine lines and wrinkles. With just a few tiny injections, it can deliver professional results that will stay with you for months. So, which areas of your face can benefit from these injections?

What Are the Best Areas of the Face To Treat With Botox?

This treatment does its job by helping to keep your muscles relaxed. Tension and repetitive muscle contractions are the root cause of lines, which is why wrinkles are often associated with stress. Accordingly, the best areas to treat are the ones that tend to scrunch up when your facial muscles contract. They include:

The Forehead

Also known as forehead lines, brow lines are the ones that you see form horizontally across the upper portion of your face. They occur as a result of tension when you lift your eyebrows.

Between the Eyebrows

Among the least popular wrinkles, these lines show up between your eyebrows and are associated with negative emotions. They are called frown lines or glabellar lines.

The Corners of the Eyes

“Crows feet” show up at the corners of the eyes. Squinting is often the cause of these wispy wrinkles.

Around the Mouth

The area around the mouth is prone to developing “parentheses” or “marionette lines”. They generally start small and widen with time.

The Upper Lip

Lip lines can occur in this area. Like the others, they are highly treatable with Botox.

Other Areas

Other areas that are commonly treated with these injectables include:

  • Under the eyes
  • The jaw
  • The chin

Your Area of Concern

Just because your least-favorite lines don’t occur in one of the above-mentioned areas, don’t rule out this treatment. Just come in for a free consultation, and we will take a look. When we see you in person, we will be able to tell you more about how this treatment can benefit you, personally.

Why Does This Treatment Work Well in Dynamic Areas?

These injections are very well suited to treating lines on or around the brow, eyes, lips, forehead, and chin. Those are also the areas that are most prone to developing wrinkles, and the places where you might start to see your first fine lines appear. Here is a little information on why this treatment is suited to softening those lines:

Fine Lines Appear When Collagen Decreases

Collagen is your body’s natural wrinkle-reducer. Your skin produces it to maintain elasticity, retain volume, and heal itself from day to day wear and tear. In our 20s or 30s, the natural production of collagen begins to taper off, a process that continues for the rest of our lives.

Several factors play into the rate at which collagen decreases. Genetics is a big one, and sun damage is another. Fortunately, Botox can step in and help.

It Goes Beneath the Surface

Fortunately, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles actually has more to do with your muscles than your skin itself. When your muscles contract, creases form in the little grooves that result. Over time, with a decrease in collagen, lines and wrinkles follow. This treatment is injected into the muscles that are causing the problem, interrupting the nerve signals that tell them to clench up.

Once you have addressed the issue of muscle tension, your skin will relax and appear smoother. You will watch as your fine lines and wrinkles fade. Once the treatment has reached its maximum level of effectiveness, you will enjoy your refreshed look for months.

It Uses Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is an ingredient that has been found to have many benefits when used as a neuromodulator. It can be used therapeutically, lessening the occurrence of migraines, controlling excessive sweating, and even treating overactive bladders. When used cosmetically for fine lines and wrinkles, it is the ingredient that puts a stop to overly tense contractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take the Results To Appear?

It varies from patient to patient, but most people start seeing their first results in about 3 days. Your body will continue to adjust to the treatment for about two weeks, during which your lines will get softer and softer. After that, you will have your full results.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Most people can go between 3-6 months without needing to refresh their injections. It just depends on your response to the treatment and how quickly your skin processes the botulinum toxin. The majority of people can expect their injections to last 4 months.

Can the Injections Be Repeated?

Yes! You can have these injections as many times as you want! Many people lean into the fact that they work on the long-term cause of wrinkles and schedule regular sessions over the course of many years. It is a strategy that saves a lot of research when it comes to looking into other potentially less effective solutions.

We recommend that your injections be spaced 4 months apart. That means that you will only need to come in 3 times a year, and you will maximize the benefits each time.

Do the Results Look Natural?

Of course! We wouldn’t recommend this treatment if they didn’t. Our aim is to bring out your beauty, with all of its expressiveness. The injections will not freeze your face, they will just decrease the tension in certain areas.

How Long Does the Appointment Take?

Only half an hour. In that time, we will check you in, offer a numbing agent, and do the injections. The time you spend actually receiving them will only be about 10 minutes.

Is There Really No Down Time?

Yes, really. This treatment was specifically designed for people who want to avoid surgery and the associated recovery period. Right after you are done, you can go back to work and carry out all of your other plans for the day. The only thing to put a brief 24 hour pause on is heavy exercise.

Does This Treatment Work on Every Skin Type?

It does. Unlike moisturizers and serums, it is administered to the muscles. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your skin type.

Can Men Get These Injections?

Yes, and they do. They work the same way and are equally effective when done for men.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Start?

Actually, all adults are considered good candidates for this treatment. It will start to benefit you when you see fine lines that show up regularly in the same location. While some people start in their 20s or 30s to help delay the occurrence of wrinkles, others begin later. Regardless of how established your wrinkles are, this treatment can make them appear softer and discourage new ones from forming.

Will This Treatment Work If I Also Get Dermal Fillers?

Yes, the two treatments fight wrinkles in different ways. When you do them together, you enhance the benefits. That said, this treatment also works well on its own.

Can I Treat Different Wrinkles in the Same Appointment?

Yes. As we discussed, this treatment is highly versatile and can treat many areas of the face. You do not need to make a separate appointment for each area. For example, we can treat the forehead and the area around your mouth in the same session.

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Smooth Skin From Brow to Chin

Botox is a highly effective injectable that can treat almost every area of your face. In addition to being versatile, it has become the world’s most sought-after cosmetic service because of its high satisfaction rates. With just one appointment, you can treat yourself to smoother skin and long-lasting results. Contact us today at Generations Family Practice Wellness Center in Cary, NC.